Our Vision

What if our closets made every day easier? A lean capsule stocked with the essentials
we need to live up to the diversity of our daily activities. Versatile 
enough to span seasons and our need to express our daily fashion fix. Classic enough to last throughout the years. And curated for us and our lifestyles—transitioning from weekend to work to a night out. Made in the USA under safe working conditions by workers paid fair wages with American-crafted, ethically sourced, and even deadstock/surplus fabrics that otherwise would have been destined for the landfill.



Our Ethos

Less is more. We're all about decluttering our lives-- both physically and mentally-- to make room for the things we really care about. Gone are the days with a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. We're dedicated to simplifying your closet (and your life!) without sacrificing style, ethics, or sass. 

About the founder

Sara Weinreb

Sara is a necessary troublemaker, who has spent her life respectfully challenging the status quo. With a background in supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs in building businesses that make a positive impact, she launched IMBY as a frustrated consumer struggling to find versatile, fun, and affordable clothing that was made ethically. With one foot in the tech scene and other in the ethical fashion space, Sara also consults to social entrepreneurs, facilitates design thinking workshops, is a co-founder of the Ethical Fashion Retailers Network, and serves as the entrepreneur in residence at AlleyWatch, the pulse of NYC's startup and tech.

You can reach Sara at sara@imby.io.